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Windaddy is a global casino marketing agency. Serving casino and poker businesses since 2022. We have good news for casinos and poker bloggers: (write for us +casino). Now we accept casino guest post from writers.

We are helping casino and poker websites, apps and games to improve their keywords ranking, website authority and legitmacy in the market. By accepting casino guest posting, we are increasing you chance to win the digital race. So start writing for us now.

Windaddy is accepting guest postings on casinos and gambling. Share your content at windaddypoker@gmail.com. “Write For Us” Casino & Gambling. Or share your guest post using our contact us form.

Provide a brief synopsis of your proposed topic. Alignment with our content strategy is ensured by doing this. Use the email address windaddypoker@gmail.com to submit your guest post.

In a society where games are at the center of endless stories and social interactions, there is a domain that goes beyond the commonplace and explores the areas of custom, strategy, and skill. Welcome to Windaddy.poker. A site that unites the long-standing love of casinos, gambling, card games, and reviews the seduction of the gaming floor while combining fate, strategy, passion, and Write for Us Casino.

Why Write For Us on Casino & Poker

The gambling sector has witnessed exponential growth from 2023 to 2024, and now it has become compulsory to post your content on the casino website Windaddy. These agencies understand the intricate landscape of online gaming, providing targeted strategies that propel their clients to the forefront of the industry. Poker and Casino blogging helps to reach the higher audience and rank your keywords at the top.

Boost Your Keywords Ranking

Guest posting on Windaddy can significantly enhance the visibility of your keywords in search results. By sharing valuable content, you can attract more traffic to your website, improving your site's ranking on search engines. This strategy is a powerful way to increase your online presence and reach a wider audience. So start writing for us now.

Gain Popularity Among Casino Community

We are 100% casino visitors. So when you write for us on Casino, you will gain popularity among the casino community. This opportunity not only helps you gain popularity but also allows you to build a network with like-minded individuals and potential collaborators in the casino industry. Casino guest posting ensures high visibility and ranking in SERP

Increase Apps & Game Downloads

Guest bloggers have a high chance of increasing game downloads. You can promote your apps and casino games here. By showcasing your games here, you're tapping into a community that's already interested in casino-related content, potentially driving up your download numbers and increasing the popularity of your apps.

Increase Your Domain Authority and Rating

We have high domain authority. When you post your content at WinDaddy, your website domain authority will also increase. This is because backlinks from reputable sites are a key factor in how search engines assess the credibility and relevance of your site. Your website could rank higher in SERP, making it more visible to visitors.

Follow this guideline to avoid rejection

Casino Guest Post Submission Guidelines

  • How to Pitch: Provide a short overview of your topic. Alignment with our content strategy is ensured by doing this. Please send your article to windaddypoker@gmail.com.
  • Drafting: After approval, start writing your casino guest post. Make sure your content is well explained, error free. We accept minimum 900 words content.
  • Well SEO Optimized. We appreciate well SEO-optimized content. We have a team to do so. In case your content required minor optimization, our inhouse SEO team will do for you. Exactly we have optimized this page using keywords like ‘write for us casino’, ‘casino write for us’,. And we are ranking on the top. You can trust our SEO team.
  • Review & Edits: Your content will be examined by our editorial staff. We test AI content, plagrismg and English grammar.
  • Promotion: In case your content is directly promotional, we will post it in the PR category. Dont worry link will be Do Follow.
  • Our Guest Posting Guidelines

    A golden opportunity for casinos and poker bloggers is Windaddy's Casino Write for Us service. Windaddy not only elevates visibility but also establishes authority within the casino and poker community. The guest posting submission process is streamlined, with clear editorial guidelines ensuring content quality and relevance. Be advised that we do not accept AI writing content.

    What Type of Guest Posting We Are Accepting?

    We are accepting any content that belongs to Casino, Betting, Gambling, Poker, Games, iGaming, etc. We are accepting how-to, Reviews, App Features and promotions, and PR. We are accepting top 10 listing content like "Top 10 Casino Blog Websites".

    1. Casino
    2. Case Study
    3. Gambling
    4. PR
    5. Betting
    6. Reviews
    7. Poker
    8. How to Guide
    9. Bingo
    10. Listings

    FAQ on “Write For Us” Casino & Gambling

    Your link will be marked with DF, without any additional sponsored or UGC attribute.

    Yes, your guest post will be permanently live on our website. We do not edit or delete content once it goes live. You can ask us to edit content using the email you have engaged with us. There is no way to edit or delete published content.

    Windaddy is not like other marketing companies. We are a dedicated Casino and Poker marketing industry with a deep understanding of the casino market. We are partners with 50+ national media sites to reach a higher audience.

    Windaddy has 100% casino and poker-related traffic. So when you write for us, casino, you can attract potential visitors to your website and games. Contact us to write for us on casino and betting.

    We are very flexible with guest posting guidelines. We accept a minimum of 1000 words, well-written with source links, original content, and human-written. We do not publish AI-written content. Email us your content or visit the contact page to write for us + casino.
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