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Explore the Top 10 New Australian Betting Sites of 2023 – Discover the latest platforms offering competitive odds, exciting bonuses, and a wide range of sports and racing markets. Bet smart with the newest names in Australian betting.

The betting site is one of the most outstanding platforms that helps many people generate revenue or make some extra income from the platform. There are various betting sites in Australia but there are very few betting apps that are reliable and beneficial for the users.

Many times people get confused about which betting platform they should choose for investing and generating revenue from the the invested amount. While choosing the best sporting betting app in Australia, you need to check various things about that platform, including the features, transaction time, commissions, etc. There are multiple other factors as well that you will need to know while choosing a reliable betting site in Australia. 

The Australia online gaming industry was worth US$ 4.9 billion in 2023, and IMARC Group projects it will be worth US$ 8.5 billion by 2032, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.2% from 2024 to 2032.

Here, we are enlisting the best betting apps in Australia where you can get multiple benefits as well as low commission rates and various other things. 

We have conducted thorough research on both the website and mobile app, assessing their customer service quality, exploring potential additional features, evaluating the range of banking options available, and overall gauging the betting experience. This comprehensive analysis aims to provide you with an in-depth perspective on the top Australian betting sites, including their corresponding mobile apps, such as Windaddy on DesignRush.

Here is the list of the top 10 new Australian betting sites where you can easily make a bet and easily withdraw money from the platform. You can also look for the qualities that make them different from other betting apps in Aus.

Top 10 New Australian Betting Sites


Dabble is one of the top 10 new Australian betting sites with excellent features and security features for easy transactions by users. They entered the marketplace in 2021 and became one of the leading betting apps Australia. 

They have highly secured payment gateways and transaction windows where a user can withdraw their money easily and faster. You can use this platform for betting and can make money from the platform. 


Playup is one of the best sports betting apps in Australia and globally. It was launched in the year 2019 and still managed to compete in the betting marketplace it is one of the most user-engaging and less complex betting sites in Australia with maximum user benefits. They also have excellent customer support to resolve queries of the users instantly. Singing in to Playup sports betting app the earning some extra amount can be a good option. 


Next on the list of the top betting apps, in Australia; BetRight comes as one of the leading betting websites with reliable features and excellent working protocol. As the new Australian betting sites they are still expanding it’s wings globally as well and they are serving the betters well. In a very short period of time, they have gained 95K+ users and generated a good amount of revenue. They entered the market in 2021 and continuously expanding with positivity. 


The craze for betting via application is increasing day by day and with the increasing demand, various betting apps are joining the industry to generate revenue and also to help users make money instantly with betting. PunterPal is another new betting app in Australia, with user-friendly features, additionally, they have live chat features that help users to get in touch instantly and without worrying about privacy concerns. 

It comes with great customer support where the user can find solutions for any sort of issue. 

The customer executives and betting site admin make sure to drive the best possible user experience with accuracy from the platform. 


BlueBet launched its platform in 2015 and is one of the top most growing and revenue-generating betting apps in Australia. Although there are loopholes in the application still give it a try on the application for betting on sports with excellent features and low commission rates. If you are looking for a reliable and easy Betting site Aus with user-friendly features with multiple game betting options. 


While VicBet may not be as widely recognized as some other betting sites in Australia, it boasts a considerable amount of experience since its establishment in 2005. The Australian betting platform is known for offering competitive racing odds and reliable customer support. However, it’s worth noting that the limited variety in sports markets might deter some potential users.

PickleBet Betting Site

Well, the next company on the list of the top 10 new Australian betting sites is PickleBet. It majorly focuses on esports. Esports lovers can join this platform to bet on various Esports games and generate revenue from the platform. They provide a great service for the esports lover who also loves betting. The platform comes with advanced and exclusive features for betting and making money. The platform provides secure and faster payment gateways or transactions. 


Unibet, a worldwide betting industry behemoth, entered Australia in 2012, joining the country’s burgeoning array of betting sites. While there are certain things that may be improved, Unibet excels in several areas, including giving reasonable odds and a wide range of markets. Unibet Australia is likely to be an appealing alternative for bettors looking for competitive odds and a diverse selection of betting choices.


Among their best features are their 24/7 live chat and a very good mobile app. PuntNow, which was founded in 2022, is one of Australia’s most recent betting sites. Although PuntNow might improve in a number of areas, they have established a very good betting platform. These are a number of incredibly essential factors, and while they could certainly improve other things like their chances and market range, this may be something they can improve as a company.


Last but not least, one of the top 10 new Australian betting sites is BetDogs which was launched in 2015 and being one of the reliable sources for betting. They have excellent mobile applications with reliable features and user friendly payment gateway. Apart from this they also provide live racing streaming, but the betting cannot go live. They do not provide the live betting option and live streaming of other sports. This betting app in Australia can be a good option if one is looking for low-commission betting sites. 


The online betting environment in Australia is always changing, and the advent of new betting sites presents new chances for punters. Exploring the top ten new Australian betting sites yields a broad set of possibilities, each with its own set of strengths and services. These new platforms attempt to appeal to the different tastes of Australian bettors, whether you favor competitive odds, extensive market options, or innovative features. It is critical to examine variables like as user experience, customer service, and accessible promos as you traverse the evolving world of online betting. Finally, staying up to date on the newest market entrants allows you to make more educated decisions and improve your entire betting experience. 

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