How Many Casinos Are in Biloxi Mississippi

Discover the vibrant casino scene in Biloxi and Tunica, Mississippi. Our comprehensive guide covers the number of casinos, gaming options, and unique attractions for the ultimate entertainment experience.

Objectives of this article

  • To inform the reader about the number of casinos in Biloxi and Tunica, Mississippi.
  • To provide an overview of the unique features or attractions each casino offers.
  • To serve as a guide for tourists or gamblers planning a visit.
  • To enhance local tourism by showcasing the gaming options available in these areas.

Biloxi and Tunica, Mississippi, are renowned for their rich history, cultural significance, and, notably, their thriving casino industries. These cities have evolved into premier destinations for gambling enthusiasts, offering a wide range of gaming and entertainment options. This article delves into the vibrant casino landscapes of Biloxi and Tunica, exploring the number of casinos, their contributions to the local economy, and the unique experiences they offer.

As of my last update in April 2023, Biloxi, Mississippi, is home to several casinos, including well-known establishments like Beau Rivage, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, IP Casino Resort Spa, and Harrah’s Gulf Coast. In total, about 8 casinos are operating in Biloxi.

Tunica, Mississippi, once dubbed “The South’s Casino Capital,” has seen a decrease in the number of casinos over the years. Currently, there are about six casinos operating in the Tunica area. These include Gold Strike, Horseshoe Tunica, and Fitz Casino and Hotel, to name a few. Tunica’s casinos are known for their large gaming spaces, hotel accommodations, and variety of entertainment and dining options.

The Thriving Casino Industry in Mississippi

Mississippi stands as a pivotal player in the Southern United States’ gambling sector, with Biloxi and Tunica at its core. These cities have significantly contributed to the state’s reputation as a gambling haven, drawing visitors nationwide.

– Biloxi’s Contribution

Biloxi, nestled along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, boasts a picturesque setting for its casinos. The city’s gambling history is storied and rich, with its resurgence in the 1990s catapulting it back into the limelight as a gambling hotspot.

– Tunica’s Role

Tunica, once a quiet agricultural town, transformed into a gambling destination in the early 1990s. Its casinos have become a major source of tourism and revenue, competing closely with Biloxi’s offerings.

Casinos in Biloxi

– A Brief History

The legalization of gambling in the early 1990s marked a new era for Biloxi, leading to the establishment of numerous casinos. These establishments not only revitalized the city’s economy but also its cultural and entertainment landscape.

– Current Casino Landscape

Today, Biloxi is home to many casinos, each offering a unique blend of gaming, dining, and entertainment options. The city’s casino industry continues to flourish, attracting visitors with its combination of scenic beauty and gambling excitement.

Spotlight on Tunica

– Tunica’s Casino Evolution

Tunica’s transformation into a gambling hub is a testament to the industry’s ability to revitalize a region. The casinos in Tunica have contributed to the town’s metamorphosis, offering a plethora of gaming options and luxury amenities.

– Present-Day Scenario

Tunica currently boasts several casinos, each with its own distinct charm and gaming offerings. The town continues to be a significant player in Mississippi’s gambling scene, drawing visitors with its unique blend of history and modern entertainment.

Comparison Between Biloxi and Tunica Casinos

– Variety of Games Offered

Both Biloxi and Tunica casinos offer a wide range of gaming options, from slot machines and table games to poker rooms and sports betting facilities. However, the ambiance and specific offerings can vary significantly between the two locations.

– Entertainment and Amenities

Apart from gambling, both cities’ casinos provide a wealth of entertainment options, including live shows, dining experiences, and spa services, catering to a diverse audience.

Economic Impact of Casinos in Mississippi

– Employment

The casino industry has been a major employer in both Biloxi and Tunica, offering a variety of job opportunities to local residents.

– Tourism Boost

Casinos have significantly contributed to increasing tourism in Mississippi, attracting visitors with their comprehensive entertainment and gaming options.

– Revenue Generation

The revenue generated from the casino industry plays a crucial role in the state’s economy, funding various public services and community projects.

Regulatory Framework for Casinos in Mississippi

– Licensing and Regulation

Mississippi has a robust regulatory framework in place to ensure the integrity and fairness of its casino industry, with strict licensing requirements and oversight.

– Impact on Local Communities

The presence of casinos has had a profound impact on local communities, contributing to economic development while also necessitating responsible gambling measures.

The Future of Gambling in Biloxi and Tunica

– Expansion Plans

Both cities are looking towards the future, with plans for expansion and introducing new technologies to enhance the gambling experience.

– Technological Advancements

Technology integration in casinos, including online gambling platforms and advanced gaming systems, is set to redefine the gambling landscape in Biloxi and Tunica.

Responsible Gambling in Mississippi

– Resources and Support Systems

Mississippi provides various resources and support systems for responsible gambling, ensuring that visitors can enjoy the casinos while maintaining control over their gambling behaviors.

Exploring Beyond the Casinos

– Attractions in Biloxi

Beyond its casinos, Biloxi offers a range of attractions, from beautiful beaches and historical sites to cultural festivals and outdoor activities.

– Attractions in Tunica

Tunica, too, boasts attractions beyond its casinos, including the Tunica RiverPark, museums, and the scenic Mississippi Delta region.

List of Casinos in Tunica Mississippi

In this section, we’ll embark on a virtual tour of Biloxi and Tunica, uncovering the number of casinos that dot their landscapes and highlighting what makes each of them unique. Expect to find insider tips on the best gaming tables, the most luxurious accommodations, and the entertainment that makes every visit memorable. Whether you’re planning your next gaming getaway or just curious about Mississippi’s casino scene, this guide has got you covered.

Casino NameCityCountyRegionTypeComments
Ameristar Casino VicksburgVicksburgWarrenLower River Region
Bally’s VicksburgVicksburgWarrenLower River RegionFormerly Rainbow Casino, Lady Luck Casino Vicksburg, Casino Vicksburg
Bayou Caddy’s Jubilee CasinoGreenvilleWashingtonLower River RegionClosed 2012Merged into Trop Casino Greenville
Beau RivageBiloxiHarrisonGulf Coast
Bok Homa CasinoSandersvilleJonesNative American
Boomtown BiloxiBiloxiHarrisonGulf Coast
Casino Magic BiloxiBiloxiHarrisonGulf CoastClosed 2005
Copa CasinoGulfportHarrisonGulf CoastClosed 2005Replaced by Island View Casino
1st Jackpot Casino TunicaTunica ResortsTunicaUpper River RegionFormerly Bally’s
Fitzgeralds Casino TunicaTunica ResortsTunicaUpper River Region
Gold Strike TunicaTunica ResortsTunicaUpper River Region
Golden Moon CasinoChoctawNeshobaNative AmericanPart of the Pearl River Resort
Golden Nugget BiloxiBiloxiHarrisonGulf Coast
Grand Station CasinoVicksburgWarrenLower River RegionClosed 2012
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino BiloxiBiloxiHarrisonGulf Coast
Harlow’s CasinoGreenvilleWashingtonLower River Region
Harrah’s Casino TunicaTunica ResortsTunicaUpper River RegionClosed 2014Formerly Grand Casino Tunica
Harrah’s Gulf CoastBiloxiHarrisonGulf Coast
Hollywood Casino Gulf CoastBay St. LouisHancockGulf CoastFormerly Casino Magic
Hollywood Casino TunicaTunica ResortsTunicaUpper River Region
Horseshoe Casino TunicaTunica ResortsTunicaUpper River Region
IP Casino Resort SpaBiloxiHarrisonGulf Coast
Island View CasinoGulfportHarrisonGulf Coast
Isle of Capri Casino Hotel LulaLulaCoahomaUpper River Region
Isle of Capri Casino Hotel NatchezNatchezAdamsLower River RegionClosed 2015
Magnolia Bluffs CasinoNatchezAdamsLower River Region
Margaritaville Casino and RestaurantBiloxiHarrisonGulf CoastClosed 2014
Palace Casino BiloxiBiloxiHarrisonGulf Coast
President Casino Broadwater ResortBiloxiHarrisonGulf CoastClosed 2005
Resorts Casino TunicaTunica ResortsTunicaUpper River RegionClosed 2019
Riverwalk Casino and HotelVicksburgWarrenLower River Region
Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall, TunicaTunica ResortsTunicaUpper River Region
Scarlet Pearl CasinoD’IbervilleHarrisonGulf Coast
List of Casinos in Tunica, Mississippi


Biloxi and Tunica, Mississippi, are integral to the state’s gambling industry, offering a diverse range of casinos that cater to both serious gamblers and casual visitors. The cities not only provide entertainment and gaming options but also contribute significantly to the local economy and tourism. Biloxi and Tunica will undoubtedly remain key destinations for gambling enthusiasts looking for a unique and exciting experience as they continue to evolve.

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